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Friday, January 11, 2013

Picking a DJ

There are thousands of Disc Jockey's out there! But finding the perfect one for your occasion can be tricky. Choosing a DJ is one of the best parts of planning any event whether it's a birthday party, company event, or a wedding. Of course there is the occasional debate whether you should have a DJ or a band. The biggest advantage of having a DJ over a band is the cost. 

A good DJ is cheaper than a band, and they usually work for about 4 hours. One thing you can do to help pick a good DJ is to get references from friends, family, co-workers or ask someone that works at reception halls like the place you will be having the party. You can always ask around and try locally famous DJ's from radio stations. 

You also want to try to interview three to five different DJ's. Don't rush! They will all have different personalities so you want to see that in each of them and see which one is better suited for the occasion and the people. Ask if they have done previous parties similar to yours before. You can ask to see previous videos from other parties of there work. Don't forget to ask if they do any fun tricks or anything for the crowd. You can also ask for references. 

Make sure to let them know what kind of attire you would prefer them to wear and if they are ok with that. Some will wear tuxedo's others will wear jeans and a t-shirt. Let them know where you would like to have them set up and if there is anything you want them to play during the event. Another good question to ask is if he/she would like to be served during the event or if they are going to bring something themselves or if they are just not going to eat. It's is a little better if you just offer to feed them after all they sometimes go 10 hours without eating between setting up and tearing down all their equipment. 


  1. Before picking a wedding DJ, The engaged couples have to check the sample songs and also should meet the engaged couples wedding budget. The wedding planner iPad apps also useful to find the DJ with the bands near by area.

  2. A DJ that would prefer to DJ a wedding in jeans and a t-shirt is NOT the DJ you want to hire! But other than that great tips!