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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Super Bowl Party

The traditional Super Bowl Party is probably the least fussy, most unpretentious party you can host all year. So, there is no point in holding anything back! Super Bowl parties are one of the top at-home party events of the year. Super Bowl parties have become much more than a gathering of football lovers. 

Super bowl parties are known for two things: a big game and a big menu. Since the teams are the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens try to make signature dishes for each team. It will add a little flare to the party. For the 49ers try Cheesy Bacon Sourdough Bread and for the Ravens try some Blue Crab Tacos. Don't forget simple snacks as well like chips, dip, nachos, buffalo wings, cheese and crackers, sweet and sour meatballs, jalepeno poppers and you can't forget the hot dogs and hamburgers of course. Also you can make signature drinks that resemble the 49ers or the Ravens.   

For this year's Super Bowl, take the DIY route and make your own party decorations to give your bash a homemade and personalized touch. Whether your a 49ers fan or a Ravens fan you can make plenty of decorations for far cheaper then going to the store and just picking something up. Although it is much easier to go run to Party City or Target and get some stuff, making your own invitations and football decorations maybe fun for the kids as well. You can also spice up an old table by adding printed out signs of each team and taping them to the table edges. You could paint some old tin cans like footballs or players numbers, then place forks spoons or knives in them. You can even make your own pennants or flags to hang up. One way to show creativity at a party is with party decorations. One need not be an interior decorator to pull this off! Red, gold, black and white streamers  or purple and gold, are a great starting point. Stream them along the walls and above the doorway. Use bunches of team-colored balloons at the places where the streamers intersect for a festive look.

Ask the party guests to come dressed in the team colors to further add to the 49ers atmosphere. Hold a costume contest to see who represents the team best. Kids can come with their face painted in the teams colors. The adults might be up to some face painting as well! Another way to get guest involved more is you can have some sort of raffle. 


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